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Why Use Intelli-Source


Since 1998, the Intelli-Source Talent Acquisition team has provided its client candidates with experience, high performance, and dedication to finding their next career opportunity.

Intelli-Source is a national recruiting firm, based in Houston, serving clients throughout the country. Our firm, established in 1998, recruits in multiple career disciplines and has a core group of Talent Acquisition Consultants specializing in each field.

There are many benefits to working with Intelli-Source. You will have access to multiple exclusive opportunities not available through other sources:

• Your resume will never be submitted to a client company without your explicit approval to do so

• Your Talent Acquisition Consultant will represent you in compensation negotiations

• You can continue working productively, protecting your own career while exploring opportunities.

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When was the last time that you saw a really great job advertised online or in the newspaper? Companies seldom put their best jobs in the newspaper or on publicly accessible employment websites. There are many good reasons for this behavior. Perhaps the position the company wants to fill is currently occupied. Maybe they want to hire candidates from a competitor, or maybe they’re trying to fill a sensitive, strategic position.

The bottom line is this… you will never see, or be seen, for the kinds of positions illustrated above, often referred to as the “hidden job market,” unless your job search strategy includes the use of independent employment recruiters.

Here are a number of good reasons to use an Intelli-Source Talent Acquisition Consultant:

First, for access. Remember that the best jobs are rarely, if ever, published. A search consultant’s in-depth knowledge and ongoing relationships with key executives and hiring authorities in your field enables them to find the best possible employment opportunities to match your employment needs and goals. The best way to ensure your chance to consider, and to be considered for, these opportunities is to develop a long-term relationships with an Intelli-Source Talent Acquisition Consultant.

Guidance – a good consultant can help you manage your career much like a mentor or a coach. They can help you see new opportunities and evaluate offers.

Instant credibility – The client (i.e. the hiring company) recognizes a good search consultant as a valuable resource. When that consultant presents you to his or her client, you benefit from this reputation. The hiring company knows that you represent the top 1% of candidates. You have already been prepared, questioned, and qualified by a professional recruiter. You automatically command more attention than just some resume in a file.

Personal presentation – Intelli-Source Talent Acquisition Consultants establish personal relationships. This is true for both their clients and their job candidates. You will have the opportunity to present yourself personally rather than through paper and to learn about employment opportunities before they are advertised.

Inside knowledge – Professional Talent Acquisition Consultants are tuned in to the employment trends in their areas of specialization. Salaries, relocation, bonuses, and other benefits are well known to these specialists. Advice from a professional recruiter during the course of your career can often steer you in the right direction where you can achieve higher levels of success.

Confidentiality – Confidentiality is the search consultant’s stock in trade for both clients and candidates. All information received is kept in confidence. It is used to pursue career opportunities on your behalf. You should be candid with your recruiter. Your consultant needs to know your preferences and feelings in order to accurately and efficiently broker a mutually successful deal.

A saving of time – The relationship you build with your Intelli-Source Talent Acquisition Consultant can save you time. Your consultant can quickly present you to the best companies. In addition, they can provide you with exposure to hiring authorities across your industry or geographical region.

Pre-qualification – Your Intelli-Source consultants qualify jobs for candidates as well as qualifying candidates for jobs. Of course, there is much more to the process than simply checking off certain skills and a salary. Your consultant will also understand the working environment of the firm for which your consultant is conducting a search.

If you are considering making a career change, the in-depth knowledge and ongoing relationships with hiring authorities in your field enables recruiters to assist you in finding the best possible opportunity. Remember that your Intelli-Source Talent Acquisition Consultants do far more than just move people around. They would much rather you succeed where you are and become a client, than simply become a candidate.

In short, building a long-term relationship with an Intelli-Source Talent Acquisition Consultant can pay dividends for the length of your career.

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