A new oil field in Illinois is being developed in this video

A new oil field in Illinois is being developed in this video. This drilling site contains both old oil wells and current oil wells that are drilling now. The whole drilling land area has been acquired by us for the development of this project in a big way. The new wells set up here are expected to start production soon. All infrastructures like roads, electric lines, oil pipelines are being established here on a wide area basis.
The percentage of oil in the oil water mixture is almost 100% and there is little or no water in the mixture. Half of the permits have been acquired by us already.
The occurrence of natural gas in the formation can be established by the appearance of bubbles in the development. This natural gas passing is burnt off till the pipelines are got connected.
Illinois crude oil has high specific gravity. All of our work can be checked by third parties. The operator here is licensed and bonded in the state of Illinois. We have got talented American crews for this work.
Improved tracking technologies are installed here for instant reading of results.
The oil reserve is embedded below ground at a depth of 3000 feet to 5000 feet. This oil wealth can give the maximum profit to the partner.