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Intelli-Source Accounting Finance Group

Our mission in the Finance & Accounting Practice is to advise clients facing an increasingly sophisticated set of functional issues and offer better access to talent, greater speed of execution, seamless sharing and efficient dissemination of knowledge and the ability to benchmark candidates across industries and geographies.

Finance has always represented a significant part of our International activities and has spanned a wide range of companies in many industries and regions of the world. We are well known for sourcing and transferring talent across regions, including within and towards developing countries.

Our practice draws on the skills of highly experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of the issues and challenges facing Finance personnel as well as the ability to identify and attract top talent in their respective markets.

Client demand for smart, innovative communicators is ever more critical as we have seen finance take more and more of a front seat as “co-pilot” of the Business Leader or CEO.

Intelli-Source Energy Group


Dedicated to finding the right executives who will ensure your company’s future success. After more than ten years of successfully completed search projects, Intelli-Source has never walked away from an engaged assignment. In an International level servicing highly specialized areas where human capital is at a premium. Areas of specialization include Upstream, downstream, midstream, renewable energy/power generation, sustainability, clean technology, Health Safety and Environmental, engineering, construction, Including related manufacturing and financial services. Http://

This is our most successful search and selection method on behalf of our clients. Given the highly-skilled and sought after nature of upstream professionals, whether engineers, managers or vice presidents, these individuals are by nature very passive job seekers. Retained search allows our consultants to work in close partnership with our clients to target the most sought after professionals within the industry, in a very discreet, strategic and dedicated way. With the most successful professional solicitation techniques in the industry, Intelli-Source’s success is detailed within a strategically developed portfolio of competitive and relevant companies where the ideal person may currently work.

Clients are kept fully informed of progress on a regular basis, with short-lists of key target personnel being drawn-up typically within one to two weeks of the vacancy being registered, as opposed to the industry average of four to six weeks. A retained search will continue, with no depletion of dedicated Intelli-Source resource, until successful conclusion.

Intelli-Source Medical Search Group


INTELLI-SOURCE HEALTH AND MEDICAL SERVICES SEARCH GROUP IS A RETAINED HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRM OWNED AND OPERATED BY A OF GROUP OF HIGHLY EXPERIENCED EXECUTIVE SEARCH PROFESSIONALS, AND CORPORATE ADVISERS SERVING THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY. The scope of practice is limited to search assignments within the Healthcare industry at the C-Level, VP, SVP, EVP, Physicians, Practitioners and Board member levels. And, we have a long track record of success working with a wide variety of Healthcare clients and candidates throughout the United States and Canada. Healthcare industry experts. consistently outperforming other retained Healthcare Executive Search firms. Success is the result of a passionate commitment to a rigorous, in-depth search process and consistently high quality executive search outcomes. This focus on quality provides a clear benefit to each and every client as it drives the effectiveness and longevity of each newly hired executive.

Intelli-Source Human Resources Search


Intelli-Source Executive Search Services